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Curos Disinfecting Caps

Curos disinfecting caps are a green disinfecting cap that help improve hospital infection control protocols and enhance the patient's experience by ensuring all IV and needle-free devices are clean and protected. Curos disinfecting caps are available in two presentations. The Curos Drip-strip provides clinicians with an accessible dispenser which can be hung on an IV pole or other convenient bedside location so that nurses have easy access to consistent and reliable passive disinfection during every IV access. Curos single presentation Port Protector offers all the same benefits in terms of the reduction in CRBSI for patients in the non-acute setting.

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Curos Port Protector
Infection prevention
Curos Port Protector - Always clean
Continual infection prevention and control
Zero infection ratesHospital reported ZERO rates of CRBSI for the first two quarters of 2010 after implementing Curos disinfecting caps.
Reduce your CRBSIP12 bed Bone Marrow Transplant unit and 20 bed Oncology unit reduced their rate of CRBSI from 2.9 to 0.4 per 1000 catheter days with Curos disinfecting caps.
Reduce your on-costsIn a Children’s hospital, CRBSI rates in the first 12 months of using Curos disinfecting caps was 0.30 per 1000 catheter days compared with 0.93 per 1000 catheter days in the preceding 12 months.
Three simple stepsReducing your hospital infections rates and associated on-costs is as easy as peel, twist and protect with Curos disinfecting caps.

More Information on Reducing Your Infection Rates

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How Can Vygon (UK) Ltd Reduce Your Trust's Infection Rates

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